How to use perfume

A beauty product that nearly everyone on this planet has used at least once in their life! 

Perfume is seemingly such a simple thing you can add to your daily beauty routine to spice up your overall look and mood — but, in reality, there is an art to wearing perfume. Sure you can effortlessly spray, rub, dab, (however you wish to apply perfume) and go.

As a matter of fact, that is the beauty of perfume, it is simple and quick to apply yet an exquisite and noteworthy way to express your individual personality. Smell, after all, is one of our most dominant senses and is linked directly to the brain’s memory center!  

HOWEVER — We at Dossier hate the idea of you wasting your ever-coveted fragrances and well-earned money. 

So, through some quick learning and tips, we want to help make wearing perfume one of your favorite beauty habits. 

Perfume Application 

The ideal place for anyone to start their perfume learning journey is to understand the ABC’s of perfuming

Tip 1: Know your pulse points and skin type. 

Ever wonder what activates perfume? The answer is pulse points and applying it to certain areas of your body actually makes a WORLD of difference in how long it lasts as well as how strong it smells.  

Truth be told, to wear perfume expertly requires some knowledge. 

Luckily we at Dossier have you covered and are ready to share with you how to exude the “je ne sais quoi” of a scent that washes over you and the people you encounter. 


Longer Lasting Perfume for certain occasions

Did you know that some perfumes are actually made to last longer?

Tip 2: Explore perfume notes and blends that are made to linger.

Yes, not all perfumes are made with the same intent. Get ready… we are about to drop some, industry insider and perfume connoisseur knowledge on you — some perfumes are made to stick around all day while some are made to linger just enough and require reapplication when you see fit. It’s all in the concentration.

Perfumes are made up of top, middle, and base notes — and, base notes are the ones that stay for hours.

Getting to know perfumes and as well as how long you want a perfume to last will help you use your perfume to its fullest potential. 


Wear Perfume Confidently

Listen, we get it. Perfume is one of those products that can inspire curiosity, but with curiosity also comes the questions of health risk.

Tip 3: Check labels to know what ingredients your body loves or is allergic to.

Fragrance is made in the idea that smelling well makes you feel amazing in your own skin. However, speaking of skin, it sinks into your skin and therefore — like anything you eat or drink — can affect your body.

Understanding what ingredients are in your perfumes can save you from allergies, having to give up fragrance while pregnant, or simply fear of the unknown.

A reputable brand — like Dossier — will disclose everything about where they make their product, regulation standards, and what goes into it. Keeping you happy and healthy, perfume should give you confidence. Again, learning and testing is the best thing you can do when it comes to perfume.



Using high-quality perfume is something that we believe everyone should experience.

If you think reputable, well-made perfume or the confidence to wear a memorable scent is out of your reach, THINK AGAIN. With some time spent understanding how to use perfume, you too can wear fragrance well.

Our expert team at Dossier looks forward to helping you feel confident in perfume application and extending the life of your collection. On top of that, we want to help you find the best perfumes for you!

Offering a number of perfect perfumes for any occasion — to start building your collection, head to our perfume quiz. It only takes a few minutes to get the lowdown on notes you like, when you like to wear perfume, and what scents you may enjoy.


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