Here’s How Perfume is REALLY Made

Picture this: a high-profile designer brand has just launched a new perfume. Commercials are rolling, press releases are out, and advertising placements seem to be

How the 90s Influenced Fragrance Trends

Minimalism in the 1990s perfume landscape In 1994, Calvin Klein launched a fragrance that captured the essence of 90s minimalism: CK One. The first-ever “unisex”

Iconic Perfume Trends of the 80s

Power, seduction, provocation — this was the essence of the 1980s. Not just in regards to fashion and socio-cultural trends, but also, unmistakably, in the

What is a gourmand scent

Indulge your senses in a world where fragrances smell good enough to eat. Welcome to the captivating realm of gourmand scents, where the boundary between the