Perfume and health

The news these days is saturated with information about chemicals in our products and toxins that are harmful to our bodies.

With movies like Stink and Food Inc. — it is no wonder you are curious about perfume and health. There is so much to understand when it comes to a product that you use daily and allow to absorb into your skin.

So, what’s the deal with perfume, is it dangerous to our health?

We can tell you simply — it all comes down to the quality of ingredients used and how your individual body reacts. But, if a perfume is made safely and the manufacturer discloses all ingredients — JUST LIKE DOSSIER — you should have nothing to worry about!

To fully understand this, let us take you on a little dive into the world of perfume manufacturing.

Here are some links to “perfume headache” or “if you should wear perfume while pregnant” — two of the biggest questions surrounding perfume and health.

Tracking ingredients!

Now, “because of the vast number of fragrance ingredients, the potential health outcomes are varied. Fragrance ingredients are known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, developmental toxins, neurotoxins, and more.”

How can that be?

Often companies are not required to list all their ingredients and instead just simply say “fragrance”. This is where the grey area comes in.

Because “fragrances are, by definition, chemical organic compounds that are released into the air through vaporization which is why humans can smell them. They are used to scent the air and ourselves but can pose health risks in the form of dermatological and neurological issues and they can decrease the indoor air quality. Some individuals, such as asthmatics, can have severe reactions to scents. Migraines can also be caused and triggered by the use of fragrances. As humans use more of these fragrances, the instance of these problems and concerns arise. Air quality can affect any person exposed to high concentrations of chemical fragrances and can cause flu-like symptoms in some cases. Some people experience allergies after being exposed to scents. These adverse effects are caused by a lax industry standard on the testing and research of the materials used in fragrances.”

Sounds kind of scary doesn’t it?

We think so too.

Which brings us to the next concern — counterfeit!

As many perfumes are so coveted, it has become popular for manufacturers to make perfumes using counterfeit ingredients from China or other places in the world. And, it has been found that many of these ingredients are dangerously not regulated. “If you’re applying perfume purchased from a legitimate store, and you’re one of the lucky four in five who are not adversely affected by fragrances, the health benefits seem to outweigh the risks of wearing perfume. But, that may not be the case for the next person you share an elevator with.”

But, luckily for you, not all perfumes are made with the “bad stuff”.

As a matter of fact, Dossier has your back. All our perfumes are made within the FDA and OEHHA Proposition 65 regulations as well as we list every ingredient that we use. We NEVER source our ingredients from China — only sourcing from Grasse France, our perfumes include the same quality juices as the top designer brands.

Because, providing our customers with the best quality, non-harmful perfumes is our mission — we are fully transparent and open with you! If you have a questions, just ask.

Wait a minute, do fragrances have benefits?

Ever heard the word aromatherapy floating around? It’s the process of using essential oils and other fragrances to heal and calm. And, it is actually a thing.

“Your sense of smell is a particularly strong sense, because it is linked to the brain’s limbic system, which is where emotions originate. This is why the smell of chocolate chip cookies can take you back to a childhood memory of sitting in your grandmother’s kitchen. It is for this same reason that perfumes and other fragrances have been connected to positive mood changes. For example, studies using mood maps have found the scent of clementines to be stimulating while the smell of vanilla is calming. When these fragrances are found in perfumes, they have the same mood-changing power. One study even found that fragrances cause a measurable reduction in muscle tension”.

So, it seems, perfume can actually have many positive benefits to mental health. We love orange scented perfumes like our Floriental Brown Sugar inspired by YSL Mon Paris, for just $29 to calm our mind from pain.

And, with that we simply urge you to buy perfume from a reputable place that lets you know exactly what you are buying.

Not a good idea is buying your perfume off the guy on the corner of your street. A GREAT idea is to opt for a less expensive perfume that is inspired by your favorite designer brand but made with the same quality juices  made in France — take Dossier for example.

Also, always pay attention to labels!

If you would like to find a perfume you can trust and will adore — take our perfume quiz now. We look forward to finding a perfume you can confidently wear every day.



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