What are the different types of scents

The enticing, indulgent, aromatic world of perfume fragrances — oh, how we love all types of scents.

With literally thousands of scents and combinations out there, you could go crazy smelling them all. However, we do not highly recommend that you go to visit your local perfume store and spend hours sniff testing all the bottles… chances are if you do that, you will end up with the headache of the year and a nose that is utterly confused. 

With that in mind… how exactly will you ever know what scent best compliments your taste? After all, isn’t the perfect perfume a never forgotten personal signature, one that must be tested? 

Our not so secret, secret — the sweet, tantalizing, delightful aromas of perfume can generally be broken down into four most popular — some say five – categories. 

“Every perfume-conscious woman on this planet knows that fragrances are like shoes. There are days when you scowl on the very mention of heels, yet sometimes you just cannot imagine not being a few inches taller, looking at the world from an elevated state of mind. The perfumes are just the same. There are days when you want to showcase your femininity, yet there are also days when you want to be a fashionable daredevil, flaunting a juicy perfume in the snow blizzard.” On that note, men have the same feeling as women do. Similar to the way they change ties and jackets, a perfect fragrance compliments their unique masculinity and mood of that day or completes their personality. 

And, with an impeccable understanding of the categories as well as your own preference, you too can come up with a general idea of your ideal type of scent, when to wear a scent, and why you go for a type more often than others. 

So let’s get to it — we too at Dossier have broken our perfumes up into the four main groups as follows.  

Woody, Oriental, Fresh and Floral

Natural Woody Scents

The words most used to describe this type of scent are “warm” and “sharp”. However, we like to think of woody as bold and worldly. After all, “these fragrances are based on scented notes of tree’s resin tears, moss, bark and fresh green pine cones, conjuring images of winding paths in forest after a heavy autumn rain. Unrightfully claimed to be predominantly masculine scents, sandalwood and vetiver are merely synonyms for strong-minded women with a no-nonsense attitude.”

Yup, attitude and woody go hand in hand. 

Carrying an appeal that suits both genders, the forest notes in the background of most woody fragrances makes them perfect for chillier evenings and winter days. Take our Dossier Floriental Brown Sugar – inspired by YSL Mon Paris, for women — for example, boasting base notes of cedarwood and white musk — one whiff and we congur exotic dreams of candlelight nights in Paris.

Complex Oriental Scents

Bearing a richness that can only be associated with the far east, oriental brings you the timeless aromas of luxury spices that exude elegance and power. “These perfumes are a mix of musk, amber, Oud and cinnamon. They are heavy, strong and rich scents that suit mysterious woman.”

Seductive, is the word that rolls off our tongue when we think oriental. “Also known as “amber” fragrances – they stand out because of their unique blend of warmth and sensuality.”

As you head out on a date with a dreamy companion, an oriental scent might just be the fragrance to catch curiosity and stir up desire. When creating the original Floriental Vanilla – inspired by YSL Black Opium, for women — with hints of coffee, orange blossom, vanilla, and jasmine — we were inspired by the sensuality of its wearer.

Invigorating Fresh Scents

A cheery yet ethereal kind of scent, the light and airy feel of the fresh scents are mostly influenced by smells of summer. Usually boasting energetic notes, these fresh “citrusy perfumes are the perfect antidote to gray weather. You can wear them when you are going to gossip-infused gatherings or simply when you want to feel carefree.” 

Like running to dip your toes in the breaking shores of the ocean or basking in the warm late summer sunlight there is something remotely stylish about fresh aromas. Take for example our Fresh 1 — Inspired by Armani’s Acqua Di Gio, for men. 

This radiating perfume was crafted to entice and flood your senses with liveliness. Combining bergamot and manderine top notes with cedarwood, patchouli, and white musk — fresh scents like this are never heavy or over powering.

Vibrant Floral Scents 

A certain kind of charm washes over a wearer that chooses a floral scent. Often considered to be the most versatile scent of them all, “floral perfumes showcase the mellowness and sweetness of the lily-of-the-valley, the stylish prominent resilience of the Bulgarian rose, the sophistication of the blossoming iris or out-of-this-world beauty of orchids. Floral perfumes smell like the most romantic innocent kiss, like hope, like the first crush.”

As sweet and childlike as the floral scent can first appear to be, the complexity that lies at the base is something that comes purely out of the combination of flowers and natural essence. 
A delight that one can not always put their finger on, “this family is composed of a large variety of creations ranging from sumptuous bouquet arrangements to “soli flora’ compositions. Perfumers can let their creativity run wild, enriching florals with green, aldehydic, fruity or spicy hints. With its natural scent, the floral note is one of the most widely used in women’s perfumes.” And, that is exactly what you will find hidden away in a bottle of Dossier Floral Aldehydes — inspired by Chanel No 5, for women — this floral perfume has top notes of succulent Aldehydes, Neroli, and Ylang Ylang.

Now, with a better understanding of what each scent group has to offer — you can go with your head and nose held high into your search for your perfect scent. Maybe you enjoy a wash of vibrancy in the morning or maybe you only like a small spritz as you run out the door in the evening.  

With when and how you like to wear perfume in mind, you can now think of the four scent categories and how they work into your personal life. 

Here to make the search even easier, Dossier offers you bottles of high quality perfume that are inspired by iconic brands at an extremely affordable price, 29$ to be exact! On top of that, we have made shopping for perfume online and excellent experience by offering testers along with each bottle. 

Learn more at the how it works section on Dosser.co.


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