How to remove perfume from skin

How to Remove Perfume from Skin 

Quite literally, a fragrance should not be taken lightly. Your preferred scent should reflect you and that is not an understatement. Your fragrance needs to linger with you over the course of the day. However, we all know that one application can’t stay with us forever. That’s why we need to reproduce the same scent day after day.  

At Dossier, we’re here to provide you with some effective fragrance removal techniques so that you can start your next day with the same refreshing and special scent that you want to project onto the world around you.

Removing your second skin

We all love to leave an impression. Whether you spend your days outdoors, or working in an office space, or enjoying a soirée out of the town, depending on your go-to fragrance and its properties, you should expect your scent to stay with you

However, when the evening hours wind down and you’re ready to snuggle with your pillow, this should be your friendly reminder to remove your perfume.

You have every right to love your scent. However, all good things come to an end…and your scent will turn stale. That’s why fragrance removal eliminates all those pesky and lingering scents that may appear on bedsheets, bed linens, and pillow cases. Not a good enough motivator for you? 

Think about it this way…

Your scent is unique. And it’s you. Why would you deprive yourself of something that’s essentially you? Not only is fragrance removal essential for personal hygiene, but it also allows you to start each new day with your own refreshing and authentic scent. 

Maybe my parents were right…

At times, we’re quick to brush off advice from our elders, but you know, sometimes they’re right. After all, they’ve certainly had more fragrance removal training than us! 

Though seemingly untraditional, these methods are actually the most-widely used and effective ones. Let’s face it, simple soap and water just don’t cut it.

The deodorant method 

Deodorant is your shield against BO, but we bet you didn’t think that it would also work as an effective fragrance remover. Easily referred to as the most convenient method because of its accessibility and modern staple household item, deodorant has pH properties and a composition that contribute to the offsetting of a fragrance’s scent.

For easy removal:

-first, apply unscented deodorant to the fragranced area;

-wait a few minutes for deodorant to absorb fragrance scent; 

-finally, use unscented detergent to wash the deodorant residue away and voila.

The baking soda method 

Ready for another home remedy? Baking soda will do the trick! Simply create a paste by mixing both baking soda and water. Once you get a homogenous mix, apply it to your skin. The paste will absorb the unwanted scent from your skin.

The vodka method 

Nobody wants to waste perfectly good vodka, but in a pinch, it can work miraculously for fragrance removal. Identical to the vinegar or rubbing alcohol technique, all you need to do is soak a cotton ball in some vodka and then gently apply it to the fragranced area to eradicate the scent. 

Remember, you don’t need a lot. A little goes a long way. 

Whether your choice is to jumpstart your day with your signature scent or mix it up by alternating and layering fragrances, spark your evening routine today and watch the world marvel at you in the morning.


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