Where to spray perfume

Like a cool summer breeze on a sweltering day or a soft kiss on the cheek from someone you love, when perfume is sprayed in the right places it can make anyone feel absolutely wonderful. 

There are many areas on the body that one can spray perfume, however knowing the best places to spray perfume and being mindful of how to apply perfume might just help it last longer and smell better. 

In addition to the popular Hollywood depiction of spraying perfume on the wrists and neck, the reality is that there are a number of key places to give a little dad or spritz.

So, where should you spray perfume?

Let’s start by saying the best places are where the body naturally creates heat — PULSE POINTS and a few other key places.

“The “pulse points” are locations on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. These spots emanate heat, which can help fragrance to emanate from your skin into the air. (It’s the same principle used by essential oil diffusers). Apply your perfume to these points —” It’s important to remember that heat is a good thing when it comes to perfume!

Key Pulse Points!

On the inside of your wrists – 

Tide and true, this is the most popular place to apply perfume but why? It’s actually simple science, the “pulse points located on your wrist are warm because of close the blood pumps near the skin’s surface, therefore making an ideal area to apply perfume.” Think thin skin and you have a good place to spray. 

The ears  – 

““Behind the earlobes is typical, but another less common spot is the tops of the ears as skin is not as dry,” says Claisse. Oily skin actually holds scent better than dry skin. So make sure to moisturize before applying your scent.” Anywhere in the ear area will give your perfume a chance to linger after a close encounter. We like this area because when you give someone a hug the scent will appear noticeable but not stay on a person after the hug.

Inside the elbows – 

“Another pulse point is the inside of the elbows, which as well as emitting the enhanced fragrance, serves to slightly obscure the smell in the bends of the arms – perfect for longer-lasting diffusion.” Warmer on the body than the wrists, apply perfume  to this area when you are wearing a sleeveless shirt and notice how the aroma standouts our throughout the day.

The throat, breast/heart area – 

A wonderful and sensual area to apply perfume, the heart is the center of your pulse points. And, when romance is in the air, your heart beat and natural body temp rises which means your perfume will activate. You notice yourself smelling your perfume more when sprayed here.

On that note, “fragrance is a big no-no for those with sensitive skin. But you can wear fragrance without applying it directly to your body. Try wearing a necklace or bracelet infused with scent.” Or tray spraying your clothing in this area.

Behind the knees – 

Most definitely not the first place you may have thought of, but “when you spray perfume behind your knees, the heat from your body makes the scent travel upwards.” As you move throughout the day the aroma of your fragrance will slowly be released and wafted upward.

Other Key Areas Of the Body –

Feet/Ankles – 

We absolutely love this area to spray perfume. “An area of the body that is in perpetual motion, spraying calves and ankles with perfume is not only refreshing, but will help to waft your fragrance, wherever you go.” It makes us think  of those movie moments when a woman  walks away slowly and the man can’t help but look after. She stays on his mind — or in his nose!

Hair – 

“You hair is actually one of the best places to spritz perfume because the strands hold fragrance well and leave a trail of scent as you move from place to place.” The head is known place where heat escapes the body. From walking past a person on the street to snuggling up to a love on the couch, your hair will leave a memorable evernote.

Hips, inner thighs, belly button –

Never thought of this area, you might just want to experiment spray here when planning  a romantic dates and see what happens! 

Actually, “your navel is useful for more than just belly piercings. Dab a few drops of perfume on the spot if you’re wearing a midriff-baring crop top or bikini. “Any area on your body that radiates heat will enhance a scent, and your belly button does just that,””

Collar bone, top area – 

We will end our list with the second most popular place to apply. And, with good reason this area is a hit. “Maximise the power of your perfume by giving your collarbone and décolletage (neck, shoulders and back) a spritz. The dips in the bone structure will see perfume more likely to settle there, and the added bonus of wearing strappy tops and plunging necklines means there’s extra surface area to exude fragrance from.”

Experimenting with where to spray perfume is a fun and indulgent thing. From time and activity, where you spray perfume can have a dramatic effect.

Try different areas with different perfumes!

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