13 Quick & Easy Tips to Make Your Perfume Last All Day

A great-smelling perfume is a luxury that most of us like to indulge in. It’s the ultimate confidence-booster for a first date. It’s the post-sweat hack that makes gym to happy hour faster (and more pleasant for those around you). It’s the final accessory to complement a personality. But while wearing a fragrance is easy, wearing it well requires a bit more know-how. And one of the biggest challenges that everyone seems to face is making their favorite scent last past the first few hours.

You start the day off cloaked in an intoxicating aroma, only to realize that it has completely faded by the time lunch rolls around. Frustrating, right? What most people don’t realize is that there are best practices for applying perfume, many of which can extend both its staying power and shelf-life. Seriously. Some quick and easy tweaks in storage and application could have you smelling sweeter for longer. For best results, try to follow as many as possible!

Consider your timing

The key to ensuring that you get the most out of your new Dossier fragrance starts with proper application. Timing is everything here. Your perfume will last the longest if applied directly after a shower but before getting dressed. This is because the steam will have opened and cleaned your pores, allowing for better penetration with the products you put on. Perfume also smells the best and is strongest when it is able to blend with the body’s natural oils. Just give yourself a quick pat-dry first!

Moisturize before applying

Moist, supple skin locks in and retains fragrance more than dry skin does. After you towel dry, slather up with an unscented lotion, body butter or oil (like Vaseline or coconut or jojoba oil), being sure to hit your spritz points. The notes of your perfume will cling to the product, increasing its longevity. This is also just a great habit to form to ensure that your pores always stay hydrated! Pro tip: Dump the last bit of a bottle into an unscented cream for future use (more on layering below).

Focus on ‘spritz’ points

Did you know that perfume reacts to heat? Did you know that there are specific parts of the body, where the veins flow close to the skin, that heat up more than others? Taking advantage of this, you can strategically apply to these ‘spritz’ points, which include the nape of the neck, cleavage, wrists, backs of the knees and insides of the elbows. As these stimulating spots emit heat throughout the day they will help to diffuse and magnify your fragrance.

Don’t rub it in

Many women believe that rubbing perfume into their wrist helps to activate the scent’s compounds and keep it lasting longer. We’ll blame the media here for keeping this old wives-tale alive. This is not how you should be applying your fragrance. In fact, doing so will cause it to dissolve faster than it would otherwise. Simply spray or dab your perfume and leave it be.

Let your hair down

Mist your brush or comb with perfume and run it through dry hair for an extra splash of scent. This method isn’t too overpowering, and you’ll get pleasant whiffs as your locks swing and sway throughout the day. Avoiding applying any fragrance directly to your hair, however, as this can be drying and damaging.

Build layers

Many perfumes have other product extensions like lotions and shower gels. This is a beautiful way to ‘layer’ your scent and make it last longer throughout the day. If these aren’t available, go for something unscented that won’t clash. As mentioned above, you could even mix a few drops of your chosen fragrance in for a little DIY beauty creation.

Store sensibly

It’s pretty common for perfumes to be stored in the bathroom. It makes sense to keep it amongst other beauty products, right? However, this can actually speed up the expiration process. The bathroom is an area of the home that tends to fluctuate in temperature and humidity, which can break down the smell and potency of a fragrance. Heat and light are also damaging to the molecular structure of perfume. So, for best results, store your perfume in a cool, dark place outside of the bathroom and away from sunlight. Some experts even recommend storing it in the refrigerator!

Keep it OG

While it may be more aesthetically pleasing to store your perfume in a fancier, prettier bottle (like a decanter), the actual transfer could be detrimental to its intensity. The less air that gets to your fragrance the better. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep perfumes in their original container. Save the original box for storage, too, to help to prevent light from seeping in and causing damage.

Pack wisely

Under no circumstances should you ever be shaking your perfume. This also allows air in, which can reduce your scent’s quality and shorten its lifespan. Be mindful when traveling with your favorite fragrances, too. Pack them in a secure spot and in a way that will keep movement to a minimum. This will reduce damage to the actual perfume and prevent the horror of a suitcase leak!

Get crafty with touch-ups

If you still find your perfume to be fading by midday, spray some cotton balls or pads to keep in a Ziploc bag for your purse or backpack. The next time you need a touch-up, just remove the swabs and dab your spritz points. This is so much easier and more convenient than carrying around a full bottle!

Do your research

Perfumes are sold in different concentrations (read more about perfume types), which means that some will just naturally last longer than others. If you want to dig deeper into this, look to understand the fragrance oil to alcohol ratios. The particular notes of a perfume also play a factor in its lasting power. For example, deep notes, like those from leather, wood, musk or vanilla, are heavier and evaporate more slowly. Lighter notes, like those from florals and citrus fruits, on the other hand, evaporate more quickly. Check out the Dossier collection, which offers a variety of scents inspired by some of the best-sellers on the market. At just $29, it’s the ultimate alternative to your favorite luxury perfume.

Change with the seasons

On that same note (pun intended), just like our wardrobes rotate with the seasons, as should our perfumes. During the summer, a brighter and zestier scent is perfect. Why? The heat of these months means that fragrances tend to fade faster. So, something light and fresh that can be reapplied often without being overbearing is ideal.

Know when to let go

Just like most beauty products, your perfume does have an expiration date. Those bottles you’ve been hanging onto for years? It’s time to let go. Replace your overpriced ones with our high-quality perfumes, inspired by the most iconic scents but at a fraction of the cost- just $29!

Do you know any other tricks to make perfume last longer? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas below!

You are never fully dressed without perfume!

C. Joybell