What is the best perfume for Men?

Ready to find the best perfume to compliment your masculinity and possible drive the object of your affection wild?

A subject that millions and millions of people throughout history have pondered and the subject that brings you here — are there specific scents that work better for men?

You have come to the right place.

The answer is, YES. Actually, most male perfumes are typically created to compliment the heavy, masculine scent of a man. This is because a male’s masculine scent is fueled by testosterone and is not sweet like the natural scent of a woman. Instead, it is spicy or earthy and therefore special perfume notes are required to compliment it.

With that in mind, we want to take a moment to remind you that a perfume must also compliment a person’s natural body chemistry. Due to varying hormone levels and body composition, not all perfumes will work on everyone. So, the best thing you can do is TEST, TEST, TEST, and test some more.

But, to help you on your quest for your perfect scent, we at Dossier — with help from a few trusted sources — have pulled together some of our favorite blends.

The following is a list of designer men’s perfumes, it is full of our 10 favorite and the world’s most raved about formulas — 8 of which, we at dossier, have actually been so inspired by them that we recreated their aromas in order to offer you top-quality quality perfume for a fraction of the price.

A time-tested list!

As you read the following list, you may begin to notice something similar about the scents — many of the time-tested masculine fragrances are musky, woody, spicy as well as fresh and citrusy. Over time it has been proven that men and women alike reflect on how these kinds of perfumes work well on the above mentioned masculine scent.

So, here you have it — our fan-favorite list of 10.

1. Creed’s Aventus 

A man’s perfume that has the power to attack.

“Adored by women world over for its dynamic energy, the Aventus features some excellent top notes of pineapple, blackcurrant, apple and bergamot. Whereas the middle notes are erupting with a peppery rose, jasmine and birch concentration. The base carries the oak moss ambergris, and to top it all off a hint of vanilla – to give you a sense of tasteful sensuality through an ultimate experience.”

If you ask us it smells just like it sounds, absolutely deliriously perfect. Mixing fruity sensual smells with floral and deeper earth-inspired aromas — this fragrance is everything two people want to smell when cozying up next to each other. Recognizing the power of this intoxicating perfume, we at Dossier have created our own blend, Musky Oakmoss. Boasting the same notes at Creed’s Aventus without the staggering price tag, this is a top seller and praised my man and their lovers alike.

2. Chanel’s Bleu De Chanel 

A fragrance is fresh, light, and exactly what a clean sophisticated man should smell like. “Released in 2010 by French couture house Chanel, it’s become the standard for the “blue,” or clean, aquatic scents that have become popular today. Best known for its grapefruit top notes mixed with vetiver and cedarwood, Chanel really hit the mark with this one.

Relaxing and calm, when a man sprays this perfume it will never overpower and almost inspire them to get up and get going. One of our very favorite day-time perfumes, Dossier’s Citrus Ginger, exactly mimics the scent notes of this iconic Chanel perfume. Made with all the aroma and not the designer price, you will not be remiss wearing our exclusive blend.

3. Ralph Lauren’s Polo Blue

For a man that enjoys the freshness of the open water, this is the perfume for you. Again another blue or aqua scent, Polo Blue helps “bring out the outdoor nature in you through the blend of melon de Cavaillon, basil verbena and washed suede. Making the openness of the sky well within your grasp, or just a sniff away.” Definitely a light and airy fragrance with a hint of well-weathered, this is the essence of a man who enjoys an adventure.

A smooth aroma that feels classic and breezy, this perfume makes us think of summer days. A warm perfume that has left an impression on us, Dossier has created Aromatic Watermelon in its honor. Offering the exact same fragrance makeup as Ralph Lauren’s top seller, our own blend will have you convinced you are wearing a designed brand.

4. Tom Ford’s Oud Wood 

A warm and gratifying fragrance.

“Tom Ford’s first foray into the world of rich, smoky oud came while the designer was working on M7 for Yves Saint Laurent – a critically-acclaimed fragrance that helped kick-start the trend for oud in the UK. Less overpowering and sexier than others in the market, this one under Ford’s own label is warm, masculine and has depth – everything you want from a woody scent.” Mixed with top notes of spice, the under notes are darker with sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla, and amber.

The mix of exotic spices and woods combine in this exquisite perfume for an ultimately masculine scent. Offering hints of sweet as well, this fragrance lingers on the mind of anyone who smells it. Reminding us of the most creative minds from around the world, Tom Ford’s Oud Wood has inspired Dossier to create Fougere Oud. Crafted to perfection, our blend comes at a much more reasonable price without the compromise of scent.

5. Spicebomb Viktor & Rolf

Unique and intricate, this is a deep aroma that demands attention.

“When the stars align for a fragrance launch as they did for Spicebomb (great ‘juice’; great name; great bottle) only timing can spoil its success. Luckily, this muscular creation from acclaimed nose Oliver Polge appeared just as robust, spicy fragrances were becoming popular. When it arrived, it arrived with a bang, popularising the use of saffron, pink pepper, and cinnamon in numerous fragrances to come.” — this is a benchmark fragrance that many men will find draws attention left and right.

6. Armani’s Armani Code

Timeless and vibrant, this is the perfect masculine perfume for day or night.

“Citrusy, aromatic. This classic fragrance opens with refreshing top notes of lemon and bergamot. A twist of woodiness begins to form in the heart with guaiac wood, star anise, and olive blossoms. Base notes of tobacco, leather and tonka bean round out the scent.” Made to arouse the sense, this bright yet subtle perfume is a fragrance that works from the office to a sensual date.

Recognizing the undeniably masculine aroma of this fragrance, we at Dossier crafted our Oriental Lavender to closely resemble the notes of Armani Code. A perfume we believe should be in every men’s collection, we offer our bottle for just $29.    

7. Dior’s Sauvage

A list of men’s best fragrances would not be complete without Sauvage — A groundbreaking perfume, “released in 1966, Dior’s citrus-heavy Eau Sauvage was the first fragrance to use hedione – an ingredient with a jasmine aroma that scientists later discovered stimulates the brain’s release of sex hormones. More than 50 years on, it’s still considered one of the best men’s fragrances.” 

Known for its magnetic sex appeal this perfume oozes sex appeal. A member of the fresh and woody category of fragrances, when we at Dossier set out to make a budget-friendly designer fragrance inspired by Dior’s Sauvage, we happily named it Aromatic Star Anise.

8. Versace’s Eros

“It took five years for Italian fashion behemoth Versace to come up with this punchy, in-your-face concoction of fresh, woody notes, underpinned by a combination of green apple and mint. But as the positive reviews show, it was worth the wait. “Eros is truly the DNA of the house of Versace,” said Donatella at the time of its launch. Smell it and see how true that is.” 

We couldn’t agree more, this iconic men’s fragrance has made a mark for itself. Delicate and pleasing to the nose, Eros boasts a natural aroma that ignites passion and awakens memories of times past. And, that is why we at Dossier have created our Ambery Mint to echo the notes found in this world-renowned blend.

9. Armani’s Acqua Di Gio 

An airy, sense flooding perfume. 

“Like Britpop, Armani’s most famous formulation might have had its heyday in the nineties but this light-yet-sensual best-seller from 1996 remains one of the best men’s fragrances around thanks to its freshness and sheer versatility. If you’re used to vanilla-heavy scents or oud fragrances, it’ll come as a breath of (sea spray-infused) fresh air.” One that will linger on your mind with a breeze of mystery and a feeling of freedom. 

Yet again another perfume that has become a staple in men’s fragrances, Acqua Di Gio makes its way to the top of the list when it comes to refreshing scents. Inspired by this iconic perfume, we at Dossier made our Aquatic Lime so all men can experience its dreamy aroma for just $29. 

10. Burberry Brit For Men

A true scent that tests time, “launched in 2004, this fragrance proudly touts both the modern and traditional sides of its English spirit. A strong departure from leathery and spicy men’s scents, Burberry Brit could be practically unisex—opening with bright notes of bergamot orange and green mandarin before unfolding to ginger, wild rose, and tonka bean. Spicy cedar wood, nutmeg and gray musk offer a distinct London accent, but it’s relaxed enough to work wherever you are in the world.” We enjoy this fragrance for its diverse appeal that both men and women enjoy. On our list of perfumes to possibly bring to our customers, we look forward to experimenting more with iconic scents like this one.


There are countless masculine perfumes out there to choose from.

However, as you can see, there are a few that stand out from the rest. With our help, we hope that you now have a good idea of what are the best perfumes for men. The kind of fragrance notes to look for and the type that both men and women speak about with positivity. 

As we mentioned above, the best way to find a perfume that you love and that the people you spend time with love, is to test. So, to make buying online possible, we at Dossier offer all of our high-quality perfumes that are inspired by legendary blends for the incredible, unbeatable price of $29. On top of that, each of our bottles come with a tester so you can try before opening, no strings attached. Shop now, our iconic men’s perfumes are waiting.

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