Perfume selection

Life is too short to be wearing only one perfume! We believe people don’t need to find just one perfect perfume — instead, you can create a collection that matches your personality, yet switches with your mood or outfit! 

But, with so many options out there, how do you find ones that reflect your personality? 

Trust us, you could literally spend a lifetime looking.

Luckily, with a few expert tips for perfume selection, you will be well on your way to finding the ideal fragrance for anyone!

1) Investigate:

From types of perfumes to types of scents, there is so much to know about perfume. And, the only way you will learn is to research!

Did you know that body chemistry has a lot to do with what a perfume smells like the one you? Things like hormones, skin type, body temp all play a big role in how a fragrance will smell. For a better understanding of the science read, “How to choose the right body perfume for your body chemistry”.

Now with that in mind, it’s no shock that some perfumes are made for men and some are made for women. 

  • Males – they have a natural odor that is stronger, spicer. So, they need a perfume that compliments the masculine aroma. To get a better idea of great male scents, here is a list of “Best perfumes for men”. 
  • Female – naturally having a sweeter, delicate scent, women require fragrances that complement their lighter body odor. To get a better idea of great female scents, here is a list of “best perfumes for women”. 

You may notice that perfumes for each gender have particular notes, like musky for men and floral for females. Now, naturally — as perfume is subjective — a female can wear male perfume and males can wear a female perfume or one with floral notes. It all comes down to personal preference. 

As you research, take notes. Think about your daily life and how you want to wear perfume. Because, “finding a scent you love can be challenging, but if you know what you’re looking for, and how to look for it, the experience can be enjoyable, especially when you’re armed with the knowledge of scents to change your daily life. A few online resources to learn which notes you prefer, how to apply and test, and determining your next scent is easier than you think.”

As a matter of fact, We at Dossier have created a quick perfume quiz to help you get started. Want to find out what notes you prefer, your perfume lifestyle, and some perfumes that you might like? Take it now.

2) Learn personal style: 

Speaking of your personal note preference, as much research and perfume understanding as you can do, when selecting a perfume for you or someone else is to know style!

“Sometimes, the best place to start is, for lack of a better term, right under your nose. Think about your daily life. What scents do you already love? Brian Jeong, co-founder and CEO of Hawthorne, explains. “If you are brand-new to fragrances, think about the other distinctive smells that you enjoy in your life, especially ones in products you use on your body. The coconut shampoo at your gym? Your fresh and green body wash? The soft and mineral smell of your clothes after laundry? Even the tobacco in the cigarette that you smoke? These can all serve as a great starting point to finding your ideal scent. Search for fragrances with those notes like the ones you love in your other products.”

Shopping for someone else just got a little easier, go take a peek in their bathroom. Sniff around and see what aromas they learn towards. Also, notice if they shower to smell nice before a date? Or are they more of a shower before work and then wear the same thing out later kind of person? — you can tell a lot about when and where a person will wear perfume by looking at habits.

Date night perfumes or work perfumes or day time perfumes — many of the best selling perfumes out there are made for a certain occasion or type of wearer. To help, we got a head start on you, here is a list of “The best selling perfumes”.

3) Trust where you are buying your perfume: 

We don’t take this one lightly. Not in the slightest. When selecting a perfume you MUST trust the place you are buying it. Things like quality, returns, how it is made come down to purchasing from a reputable source.

And, it just so happens Dossier has worked very hard to be your reputable source!

Always listing our ingredients and disclosing where we buy our ingredients from, allows us to provide you with nothing but top-quality perfume, no compromise. Offering sample testers and free returns is just part of our customer satisfaction guarantee. It is our mission to bring you designer quality perfume for just a portion of the price, $29.

Knowing you are buying premium quality perfume not knock offs or low grade will make selecting your perfect perfume so much easier!

And there we have it, a few key things to keep in mind when on the hunt.



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