Where to buy cheap perfume

The never-ending saga of expensive perfume.

Picture this — It’s a beautiful Sunday, you are out to brunch with a few girls from spin class. You greet your buddies and get a nose full of a delightful perfume. You can’t help but ask, “What is that perfume and where did you get it?” 

Your friend smiles — who doesn’t love a good compliment — and thank’s you. Then she replies, “It’s called “luxury designer” and I got it at Sephora, Macy’s or some other luxury store, it only cost $120!”… And, YOUR HEART SINKS.

Even the thought of spending that much money on perfume makes your head spin.

Shyly you go back to the conversation around you and decide to forget about the perfume of your dreams. Resolving that expensive, top of the line perfumes are just not for you. Knowing well that your cheap perfume wears off after just a few hours and doesn’t smell nearly as nice as your friend’s noteworthy scent.

But, this does not have to be your life!

You too can enjoy designer quality fragrances… you just need to find where to buy cheap perfume.

Let’s start by addressing the fact that designer perfume is expensive!

There is no way around it — but, the reason for high price tags may not be what you think . Many factors go into the price of perfume, including marketing price and packaging. And, unfortunately, that is what designer means, paying for the “name”.

All this to say, finding a perfume on sale in designer stores seldom happens. But there are a few places you can go looking.

First, Dossier!

We are your source for high-quality perfume on the cheap… $29 a bottle to be exact.

Working tirelessly to bring our loyal customers perfumes that are inspired by iconic scents, our expert perfumers have made every Dossier perfume with the same quality juices as your favorite brand.

Our method?

We make the best quality perfume without all the fluff of packaging and marketing. This helps us keep our prices low instead of over $100. And, yes we know selling perfume online can be a tricky thing because you want to smell a perfume before buying it… but we have an answer for that too!

WE OFFER SAMPLES ON ALL OUR PERFUMES. Each bottle comes with a tester so you can try before you open the bottle. Ensuring you love the scent before you use it, we guarantee our perfume as long as the seal is unbroken.

Even offering a scent inspired by Channel’s iconic No5 — Dossiers Floral Aldehydes will have you thinking it’s the real thing… because it is the real thing. We boast the same ingredients from the same place in France.

Now, you could go bargain hunting at discount stores

A time consuming often frustrating way to shop for perfume. 

Places like TJmaxx, Marshalls, Sam, all sell perfume for a discounted price. “The only problem, all of the perfume and cologne sold at T.J.Maxx and Marshall’s should be sealed, and there are generally no sample bottles. So there’s no way to actually sniff the scents available—and you don’t want to accidentally buy something that smells horrendous. That’s not to say you shouldn’t keep your eye out for your favorite scents or brands, but just be careful about picking perfume or cologne at random.” You always want to test perfume before buying, ALWAYS! Not to mention, these perfumes usually cost around 50% of the original price, still about double what Dossier chargers.

We definitely suggest saving shopping at discount stores for the rare occasion when you find a perfume you know well.

What about e-stores that claim to sell designer, name brand perfume on sale?

Yes, a great way to find cheap perfume but, again this too can lead to disappointment and money wasted.

“Not only can you order pretty much any fragrance online these days (even rare or discontinued ones), you can also find plenty of affordable samples and indie fragrance lines. But shopping online can be tricky, too. To state the obvious, because you can’t smell the scent.” Yup, again it comes down to trying it first.

On top of not being able to try it before buying it, knowing the quality of the perfume can be hard. There are plenty of knockoffs out there as well as people claiming to sell top-quality perfume at discounts. When in reality… these people usually source from china, they fade quickly, and the blends not even close to the designer.

A few tips to shopping for perfume online

  • See if samples are offered
  • Get a subscription 
  • Shop at reputable sites 
  • Check out niche brands 

A simple rule of thumb is SAMPLES! And, that brings us back to The Dossier online shopping difference!

Don’t waste your time or money. We are a niche brand that does what we can to help you shop with confidence and excellence. Giving you all the — samples and perfume finder quiz — tools from a reputable brand, Dossier is your best bet to buying perfume that you will love.


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