Best Strong Perfumes available at Dossier

Imagine a world where your morning starts with two or three spritzes of your favorite perfume. Then, long into your day, you catch a breeze and the delight of your fragrance graces your nose. Oh, how wonderful it is to know the money you spend and the product you buy isn’t going to waste! And honestly, this is something that we at Dossier live for.
Unfortunately, not all fragrances are made to last all day. It actually comes down to the type of perfumes and the kind of notes you find in. Amber, vanilla scents will last longer than fresh citrus ones, as the former focus in their composition on dense raw materials that evaporate slowly, while the latter place more emphasis on notes that give a splash effect as they are sprayed and then evaporate more quickly.
The “sillage” (AKA trail) of a perfume is another aspect to consider. The sillage is the way the fragrance spreads more or less widely around you. Some fragrances will be more intimate: meaning that you will smell them on yourself, but the people around you will have to be very close to you to notice them. Other scents are more diffusive, and people will notice them even when they just pass you on the street!
Lastly, one aspect that is often overlooked is the identity, the writing of perfume. So, what does this even mean? 

Let’s use colors as an example: a flashy red color will jump more to the eyes than a soft pastel beige. With perfumes, it’s the same. Some fragrances have more racy, teasing, boisterous olfactive notes than others. They have a stronger signature, and are instantaneously recognizable.  We could also say that they shout when others whisper. Therefore, with the same technical qualities (long-lastingness and sillage), some perfumes will provide a sensation of strength superior to others.
Ready to experience the true power of perfume? We’ve selected the top 5 strongest fragrances, meaning with great sillage, long-lastingness, and assertive identity, available at Dossier. Let’s get into their secret recipes to achieve this power.
Beware: we are talking of really powerful fragrances! With these scents, less is more– trust us.

Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanilla : The secret recipe: strong ambery base with tonka bean, vanilla, woods; highly diffusive notes of tobacco leaves, and strong identity thanks to tobacco, fruity and honey notes.

Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry : The secret recipe: a lasting base of vanilla, Peruvian balsam and tonka bean, a strong identity and diffusion thanks to an incredible cherry and almond notes enriched with spices.

Tom Ford’s Black Orchid : Yes, a third Tom Ford fragrance in our top 5 most powerful perfumes available at Dossier! And it’s not a coincidence.

Assertive identity, strength and diffusion are written in Tom Ford Fragrances’ DNA. 
Black Orchid is the first perfume of the brand. Tom Ford, always highly involved in the development of its perfumes, already posed here all the elements which will be constants in its fragrances’ creation process.

The secret recipe of Black Orchid: a long lasting vanilla, woody base, powerful flowers, and strong identity due to orchid ylang ylang and spicy notes.

By Killian’s Love, Don’t Be Shy : The secret recipe: the combination of vanilla and orange flowers that gives long-lastingness and sillage to the fragrance, as a sweet marshmallow accord brings its unique identity.

Thierry Mugler’s Angel : The recipe for long lastingness, sillage and identity: the astonishing combination of a high level of patchouli with gourmand ethyl maltol in excess. Ethyl maltol (also referred to as veltol) is a synthetic molecule which was previously mainly used in the flavoring industry. Its smell evokes a mixture of cooked fruits, caramel, cotton candy, praline, brown sugar and grilled almonds.

Angel is a totally unique creation, whose history is more detailed in the article “Dream Team: The Most Iconic Fragrances Available at Dossier”.





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