The Genderless Collection

As you already know, our mission at Dossier is to shake the perfume industry by creating luxury quality products at prices accessible to all. But what does creating perfumes for “all” really mean?

First, we worked to remove the price barrier people often face when shopping for perfume. By eliminating designer mark ups, celebrity marketing, and brand tax, we learned to recreate iconic designer perfumes in order to offer the same luxury quality at prices that won’t do damage to your wallet. Now that we’ve mastered over 80 inspired-by scents, we’re ready to create unique fragrances of our own. But that’s not our only mission with this new launch…

It’s time to eliminate limiting stereotypes surrounding perfumes, too. Cover your ears, boomers: we’re talking gender.

Historically, fragrances have been categorized by gender. Floral, sweet gourmand, and fruity notes were dedicated to women, while aromatic notes were assigned to men…but why? Unfortunately, it all comes down to stereotypes. Just as our understanding of gender has evolved over time, our ideas surrounding beauty and self expression should, too!

It’s easy for a brand to talk the talk, but we’re here to put our words into action. That’s why we’re so proud to announce that our first collection of original scents were designed for everyone to enjoy– literally, everyone.

The Genderless Collection melds traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine scents to create unique, genderfluid perfumes for all.

Allow us to introduce the line up:


Caramelized Lavender & Hazelnut: it may come as a surprise, but lavender is often thought of as one of the most traditionally masculine raw materials. However, once it’s caramelized and mixed with warm hazelnut, a rich sweetness emerges, adding a gourmand element to this fragrance.

Sunny Vetiver & Neroli: a myriad of bright citrus notes bring this summery scent to life, balanced with earthy Haitian vetiver and the depth of patchouli. This scent will mimic the feeling of sunshine on your skin, and put a smile on your face.

Fiery Leather & Rhubarb: bold and provocative notes of (vegan) leather meet fresh rhubarb and the delicate sweetness of rose. If you could bottle an epic night out at an avant garde nightclub in Berlin, this would be it.

Our goal has always been to make luxury accessible to all, not dictate what that looks like (or smells like) for you. You should never feel restricted in your journey to find scents that truly represent you and make you feel like your best self. Wear what you love because you love it. It’s as simple as that.


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