Dossier Originals

Dossier Originals

Change is in the air… Or is that just our new perfumes?

It’s likely that the first thing you heard about Dossier is that we replicate iconic designer fragrances, sold at prices people can actually afford without sacrificing the same luxury quality. This is the mission the company was founded on, and it’s been the pillar of our brand since the beginning.

The process of recreating these scents may be the most challenging olfactory puzzle out there: learning to blindly recognize and perfectly balance each and every element that makes these fragrances so extraordinary. We view the designer fragrances that inspire our perfumes to be true masterpieces, which means we’ve learned the art of perfumery from the greatest olfactory artists of all time.

Now that we have over 80 fragrances under our belt, we feel confident we’re ready to create scents that are entirely original, unlike anything you’ve smelled before.

Since this is a huge milestone for our company, we didn’t take this task lightly. As always, our customers’ experience with our products is our top priority. To ensure we’re creating scents everyone can enjoy, we spent all summer working on a soft launch to put our originals to the test. This included a (somewhat nightmarish) journey to get a pallet of 800 perfumes delivered to our office in the World Trade Center– which ended with us scrambling to carry crates of perfume through the busy streets of Manhattan. From there, our soft launch consisted of hand packing and sending out 300 boxes, hundreds of customer surveys, and even conducting live sniff sessions. In the end, all of the chaos and time spent hustling through the sweltering New York City summer was worth it, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally launch the first collection Dossier Originals.

We won’t reveal what scents this collection will consist of just yet… but we can guarantee these scents are bold, unique, and made to be worn by anyone and everyone. While the scents themselves may smell unlike any others in our collection (or any collection on the market today!), they’re still made from the same luxury quality ingredients, are vegan and cruelty free, and sold at fair and accessible prices. Our collections may be growing, but our mission to create the highest quality, eco-conscious products will always be at the forefront of everything we do.

And if you’re just looking to stay stocked on your favorite inspired by designer scents, don’t worry! They’re not going anywhere. At its core, Dossier will always be the fair alternative to luxury perfumes. We’re thrilled to be expanding into new areas to bring you even more luxury quality, accessible products!


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