Candles are back and BIGGER than ever!

Candles are back and BIGGER than ever!

If you’ve been a part of our Dossier family for a while now, you probably remember our original candle launch in 2021. At the time, we we’re excited to expand our collection beyond perfumes– and to be honest, we thought we nailed it. We launched 4 candles based on our inspired-by perfume collection (including scents from designer brands that don’t exist in candle form!), made from all natural ingredients for safe sniffing. However, once we started getting feedback from our customers, one thing became abundantly clear…

Sometimes size really does matter.

Our mission at Dossier has always been centered around our belief that everyone deserves to feel luxurious, regardless of how much they’re able to spend. When we heard that our customers didn’t feel the size of the candles was proportional to the price, we knew we needed to change that. That brings us to today: we’re bringing candles back, and this time they’re 3X BIGGER!

And it turns out, our customers were right (duh!): bigger is better. Our new candles are now 17.5oz, with 2 wicks and 70 hours of burn time for only $49.

Don’t worry, other than doubling the wicks and tripling the size, our candles haven’t changed too much. Dossier candles are still made from the same luxury quality ingredients, with absolutely no paraffins, so you can sniff stress free. As we do with every Dossier product, we kept all the nasties out, and only the highest quality ingredients in. Most brands don’t disclose the concentration levels they use, but we’re all about transparency with our products. Dossier candles’ concentration comes in at 10%, so you get the most out of every light. We’re talking pure oil too, no additives necessary.

Our goal with relaunching Dossier candles is to not only bring a little luxury to our customers’ homes, but also to show how important our consumers are in the development of our products. We’ve so grateful for all the love our Dossier family has shown us, and it’s only right we not only listen to their feedback, but take action on it as well. So really, this launch is dedicated to YOU.

Now, what’re you waiting for? It’s time to light up luxury.


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