Sip, Spritz, Hooray! Discover Dossier Originals: The Speakeasy Collection

After the launch of our first Dossier Originals, the Genderless Collection, we’re hooked on creating unique fragrances for all. After the launch of our first collection becoming a smashing scentsation, we found ourselves in the mood to celebrate. Not only do we want to celebrate the success of Dossier over the past few years, but we want to celebrate those who helped us come this far– AKA you. 

With summer around the corner and the sense of celebration on the mind, we dove into creating our next collection of Dossier Originals: the Speakeasy Collection. Nothing says celebration like a toast; which is why this collection is inspired by 4 mouthwatering cocktails, encapsulating the joyous sensations you get with every sip. We’re talking warmth, sweetness, bitterness, sparkle, and even a smoky edge. We kept all the luxury and sophistication, without the dreaded Sunday morning hangover. 

Without further ado, let’s raise a glass (or a perfume bottle) and cheers to: 

Golden Rum & Amber

The sensation that inspired us: The warmth of rum with its sweet, almost ambery facets. We wrapped a natural rum extraction with mellow vanilla and candied fruits, and slipped in a hint of the warm, bubbly feeling you get from sipping on a tasty rum and coke. 

Smoky Mezcal & Cucumber

The sensation that inspired us: Mezcal’s naturally unique contrast between watery facets (agave), almost cucumber like, and smoky intoxicating dry tones. Ready for a one-way ticket to Oaxaca!

Fresh Margarita & Lime

The sensation that inspired us: The margarita’s sparkling burst of lime and citrus, conveying a colorful and long-lasting feeling of freshness– like a beach party in a bottle!

Bubbly Spritz & Bitters 

The sensation that inspired us: The perfect harmony struck between bitter and sweet in the spritz cocktail, with orange combining effortlessly with aromatics notes, and enriched with a hint of vanilla and benzoin to underline gourmand facets. One spritz will delight your senses with all the vibrant sensations of a magical evening in Venezia. 

And we were feeling so inspired, we created cocktails inspired by our perfumes that are inspired by cocktails (try saying that 5 times fast!). Now you can sip and spritz in perfect harmony:


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