What perfume does Kim Kardashian wear?

Kim Kardashian’s Love for Perfume and Fragrances

Over the years, Kim Kardashian has talked about her love of perfume and fragrances several times. In a 2018 interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Kim talked about the importance of scent in her daily life, saying, “Fragrance makes me feel confident and sexy. It’s such a powerful thing. When I walk out of the house and I have a great fragrance on, it just makes me feel good and ready for the day.” Kim has also talked about the power of fragrance to evoke memories and emotions, and how wearing a beautiful scent can boost one’s confidence and make them feel more glamorous.

Kim’s Preferred Perfume Notes and Style

Kim Kardashian is known for her love of sweet and floral scents, and some of her favorite perfume notes include jasminegardeniatuberose notes, and rose perfume. These notes are often used in perfumes to create a feminine and elegant aroma, which perfectly matches Kim’s personal style. Kim has also mentioned that she likes  female fragrances with a touch of vanilla notes and musk, which add warmth and depth to the scent. Overall, Kim tends to gravitate towards fragrances that are sweet, floral, and romantic, but with a hint of sophistication and edge.

Kim’s Favorite: Tom Ford’s Black Orchid Perfume

Kim Kardashian is a big fan of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid perfume. This scent is a little darker and more intense than some of the other fragrances that she wears, but it still includes floral notes of jasmine and gardenia. Kim loves to wear this perfume when she wants to make a bold statement with her scent. Shop Dossier’s Spicy Orchid inspired by Tom Ford’s Black Orchid perfume.

Embracing the Classic: J’adore by Dior

Another fragrance that Kim loves to wear is the famous scent, J’adore by Dior. This perfume is a beautiful blend of jasmine, ylang-ylang, and rose, which creates a sweet and floral aroma that Kim enjoys wearing. She has said that this fragrance reminds her of her childhood, and she loves to wear it for both day and evening events. Shop Dossier’s Fruity Jasmine inspired by Dior’s J’adore perfume.

Kim’s Own Fragrance Line: KKW

Kim Kardashian has also created her own line of fragrances, KKW, which includes Crystal Gardenia and KKW Body. Overall, Kim tends to favor fragrances that are feminine, romantic, and sophisticated, and that feature notes like jasmine, gardenia, and rose.


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