How to Choose the Right Perfume

How to Choose the Right Perfume?

Perfume is a personal style staple but choosing the right one to compliment your look (especially when there are so many to choose from) can be more than a little daunting.  

No need to fret! We’re here to give you the gentle assurance that you don’t need to be a fragrance snob to find the penultimate scent just for you.

Your signature fragrance is just as much for you to enjoy smelling throughout the day as it is for attracting the crowd around you. What’s most important? That you love it!

Which scents do you love? 

When it comes to choosing the right fragrance, it’s normal to have that feeling of being lost at sea. The possibilities are endless! How to choose between airy, refreshing, and even musky scents? 

To get started, think about the scents that are beautiful to you.​​ The mind is a terrible thing to waste but our sense of smell is just as important. Olfactory senses are known to invoke the most vivid sensory memories. This is because the part of your brain that identifies scents is responsible for controlling memory and emotions

What scents conjure the sweetest memories for you? This could be anything from the coffee beside you while you study or the timeless perfume your mom wore everyday when you were growing up. In essence, your memories are a dependable companion for finding your perfect scent.

Your perfume of choice should transport you to your favorite place every time it wafts from your skin. Adore the smell of the sea breeze as you walk along the beach? Imagine the wind caressing your hair as you observe the tides. Your toes clinging to the sand. Certainly, refreshing accords come to mind as you reminisce of your afternoons by the shore.

We don’t have to watch Jane Austen adaptations or read her novels to conjure our imaginations and awaken our spirits. Have you recently gone on a stroll through a park? Do you recall the smell of a dewy autumn mist? The sounds and intensified odors as you walked on withered leaves? If a moment like this brings you pleasure, you should go for fragrances with strong floral top notes. Just a small spritz will  instantly transport you back to that whimsical wander. 

What scent suits your style?

The perfume you choose to wear is the invisible finishing touch to a stylish outfit. Scent shopping is just like finding that perfect top that pulls your whole look together and empowers your style (it’s also just as satisfying). Keep the visual aspect of your personal style in mind while you’re choosing your scent. 

Drawn to peasant tops, frills, and outfits that have an air of cottagecore (aka gentle femininity)? Then consider a fragrance with strong floral notes that emulate and reflect that wanderlusting departure to lavender fields.

If you’re addicted to wearing Doc Martens and leather jackets, emulate that look aromatically through your fragrance of choice. Create a luxuriously smoky scent that echoes your outer femme fatale attitude. Encapsulating all the nature of a badass soul wearing a monotone, black outfit with a pair of combat boots, bring a musky pleasure to those around you with just a small spritz against your skin. Make your sweeping entrance and leave others wanting more of you.

What perfumes have you always loved but never bought? 

We’ve all spent a long minute holding a sample of Powdery Tobacco inspired by Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille to our noses in the fragrance aisle; we also know the wave of grief that follows when you read the price tag. Prestigious perfumes are notoriously overpriced and at times, saturated with harmful parabens and phthalates. Let it be known that there are fragrance collections with the same (if not better) quality natural ingredients as luxury brands. The right perfume for you should never drain the bulk of your savings (that’s what student debt is for) and should cater to you and your expensive sense of smell. 

If you haven’t spent a lot of time in the perfume aisle you can always draw inspiration from scents that have historically enamored fragrance enthusiasts. Life can only imitate art as a fragrance intertwines with your skin to diffuse a scent that imbues both classic beauty and sophistication.

With all these questions in mind, you’re probably ready to embark on a journey to finding your signature scent. Still on the fences? Find inspiration with our perfume quiz, designed by expert perfume makers, to make an even more informative and personal choice just for you. Who knows? You may just find one, or a few scents that’ll summon you.


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