How to buy perfume

Of all of the beauty products to choose from, perfume is by far one of the hardest to buy!

Seemingly such a simple product, there are actually numerous factors to consider when purchasing. Things like what styles are most popular, your own personal style, body chemistry, price — it all matters!

And, with so much to consider… the truth is, at times even the experts can get overwhelmed.

Lucky for you, Dossier wants to help make buying perfume easy and effortless!

Clearing up all of your questions so you can buy with absolute confidence, we have a few good tips up our sleeves to get you started.

The first place you should start? How about heading over to our perfume finder quiz. It only takes a few minutes and you will come out the other side with a good understanding of blends that will suit your tastes perfectly! 

Snag the perfect bottle of perfume or five!

Tip 1: learn how to select a bottle you will love by doing research.

Oh man, ever walk into a store only to be faced with a wall of perfumes and mounting anxiety at the thought of sniff testing all of them? Yeah, we have been there too. And, this is the exact reason why we want to simplify perfume selection for you.

Stopping you from even setting foot in-store… instead, we at Dossier are going to help you to buy online.

We suggest you start by looking at lists of perfumes that have made a name for themselves, iconic scents. There is a reason people flock to certain scents and it might just help you narrow down your choices.

On top of that, we can never stress enough to test and know who you are buying from — never be afraid to ask questions and investigate. The more you know the easier perfume selection will be. 


The most talked about topic in the perfume industry — PRICE. 

Tip 2: Understand pricing and why it costs you a certain amount.

One day, at the very beginning of our perfume obsession, someone at Dossier heard about the infamous Creed Aventus perfume. Curious, we went to go buy a bottle — but stop in horror when seeing the price tag read $325. No, we are not joking.

For most people, the price of a designer bottle is a hard day’s work.

But, did you know that much of perfume pricing is a markup for marketing and other sales tactics — reality check, ingredients in perfume cost the maker a shocking $3-5 no more. And, that our dear friends, is for the top-quality, most coveted essences and oils.

However, price does not represent quality. A big price tag does not mean it is high-quality and visa Versa.

Truth, the only way you can know why a perfume costs an amount is to again, ask and do your research.



Buying perfume should never be scary!

As perfume is one of those magical products that can help you express personality, change your mood, give you confidence — we believe that purchasing perfume should be nothing short of a great experience.

Ready for this bomb to drop?

Dossier’s actual business model is set up so that buying online is easy breezy.

Not only your go-to place for all things perfume buying related — Dossier is your personal perfume safe haven. Always offering you iconic inspired blends that are made with the same high-quality juices as the most expensive brands, we are entirely transparent with our ingredients and manufacturing.

From simplified bottles to little to none marketing as well as testers with every bottle and buyer-friendly return policies — is able to keep our prices low and your confidence in buying high.

Get to know our iconic designer perfume inspired collection now and be amazed by what we have to offer.


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