The Best Vegan Perfumes

This is what you should know before buying a vegan perfume.

If you care about the environment and animal rights it’s very likely that when you go shopping you make sure to buy less or no meat at all, find organic produce whenever possible, and look for plastic-free containers. But when it comes to beauty products, finding natural, vegan and cruelty-free products that work can be hard sometimes, and even harder with perfume! Not only because of the materials used in the packaging of the products but also in the formula of the cosmetic.

So if you’re looking for fragrances that have no animal by-products you gotta know the ingredients in the scents. Keep an eye out for some very commonly used animal-derived notes in perfumery like honey, musk, or ambergris (a waxy substance produced by sperm whales, that can be found floating in tropical seas). But even when those notes are present, they can now be developed in a lab without using any animal product at any stage of the process.

Another way of making sure the perfume is vegan or not is to know more about the brand that makes the perfume’s policy regarding animal testing. Usually, if a brand is anti-animal testing it would be very clear in all their communication and the “About Us” section of their website. You can also look for the sign of a leaping bunny in the box or on the back of the perfume, this is the international seal that lets you know the brand doesn’t test on animals.

Dossier is one of those. We are a clean company that never tests on animals or use any kind of animal-derived product in any of our perfumes. If you find yourself browsing through our 80+ collection, be sure that everything in there is vegan and cruelty-free. Always. And we also make sure that all of our perfumes come in recyclable glass bottles and recycled cardboard boxes.

Yes, there are a lot of vegan perfumes and they don’t all have to be light, green, and fresh!

Here, we curated a selection of some of our favorite scents inspired by cult-favorite designer fragrances that prove that vegan perfumes don’t have to be super light and fresh, they can also be intense, bold, sexy, and warm, and for a fraction of the cost of the original!


Woody Sandalwood

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Inspired by Le Labo’s Santal 33, our Woody Sandalwood is a perfect example of how a vegan perfume can be a super sophisticated sexy statement scent too. As its name suggests, Sandalwood is the star ingredient in this elegant formula, and not just any sandalwood but one of the highest quality: the Mysore variety from India. This super popular perfume also features sweet violet, orris, and woodsy musk.


Ambery Saffron

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Deep, warm, uber-sexy, and unique, Ambery Saffron, our version of MFK’s Baccarat Rouge revolves around rare Saffron, which hasn’t been traditionally used in perfumery that much because of its intensity. But hey, there’s a perfume for every taste and this one is definitely for the daring.


Gourmand White Flowers

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Irresistibly sweet and floral, Dossier fan-favorite Gourmand White Flowers is our interpretation of Viktor & Rolf’s iconic Flowerbomb. The yummy list of non animal-derived ingredients features green tea, berries, caramel, and vanilla notes mixed with luscious orchid, jasmine, and rose. The result? An intriguing and addicting scent that has hundreds of thousands hooked.


Green Verbena

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Here’s a surprising one. Inspired by Creed’s Green Irish Tweed, Green Verbena celebrates green notes like peppermint, green leaves and verbena, yes, but it also adds a rich contrast of violet, woody amber and orris, that make it absolutely timeless, genderless and as British as it gets.

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